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— Derpy, Lucario, and Saku-Chan said altogether

(Quote from The Adventures Of The Big Trio Chap4)

The Big Trio Headquarters (TBTH) is where the Trio lives together, this Headquarters was made by Saku for them to live in.


Outside, it looks like a normal house with maybe three floors and it's surrounded by a very colorful force field that Saku made for their protection.

Inside, it has many rooms SO MANY THAT YOU COULD NOT COUNT, examples of these rooms are:

  • Hugging Room (Requested by Derpy to Saku)
  • Cafe Room (Requested by Both of them to Saku)
  • Training Room
  • Drawing Room
  • Garden Room
  • Derpy's Lab
  • A REALLY and VERY Private Room (Made by Saku herself because of some reasons *insert l3**y f@c3 here* )

And EVERY SINGLE DAY a new room was being added by the Trio because of their IMAGINATION.


H A S E N D L E S S P O S S I B I L I T I E S (Except some few things)


People can enter as long they are invited by one of the Trio or befriended one of them (The guys that could enter this Headquarters without being invited are The Bureaucrats, Admins, and Moderators as long either one of them is inside).


  • You can't kill the Trio as long they are near in the house or in the house because of the colorful force field surrounding the whole Headquarters.
  • You can never enter the Headquarters unless you are close to one of them.
  • Derpy and Lucario has the first original copies of the persons that should not let enter into the force field and house while Saku has the original list of those persons.
  • The force field will never be disabled by anybody (unless Saku does or the headquarters itself)
  • The headquarters has their own mind (They know who are the owners and who are the enemies)
  • The house has a glitchy voice just like Error!Sans (Because of Saku accidentally hitting it with coffee or milk which she doesn't remember which one of those)
  • The name of the house/headquarters is Houser (Yep, Saku is not good at naming things and mostly persons :P so excuse her)
  • Saku is really friends with Houser the Headquarters/House (that's why some call her 'Crazy' and mostly she treats it like her own child)
  • Houser has powers of summoning things (like Gummi Bears for Lua) and attacking with dangerous things (Missiles, Cannons, Bombs, ETC.)
  • TBTH Houser has buttons room, well mostly when you pushed each button nothing will happen (just for fun to Saku herself) but then DO NOT TRY TO PUSH THE BIG RED BUTTON THAT BECOMES BLUE (because ... Secret...)

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