In this Wiki, it's HUG or BE HUGGED!
— The Big Trio
The Big Trio is an AU mimicking the Star Sanses, but the three Sanses are replaced with Wiki Users. Ironically, all three are Chat Moderators on this Wiki.


Sakura's little sister

Sakura's little sister represents Ink!Sans. She's known as Saku-Chan or Saku, she's creative, weird, social person (but awkward and shy at first meeting), she has trauma of being left behind or being alone, and forgetful at some few times but her two friends and groupmates are there to remind and be with her. She has the powers of a CM (Chat Moderator but now she have powers of being a Content Moderator and Discussions Moderator), she's good at locating pages of the wiki and finding new AUs, she can summon dual nuclear pistols and a big paintbrush (that has a size of Ink's paintbrush and was given to her by Lucario and Derpy after the group was made) her weaknesses are fear, panicking, anger, negativity, being alone, and being unnoticed. (that's why she couldn't fight against The Bad Sanses because they are made from both negativity and anger (when she becomes so very angry and loose her positivity she becomes a rebel and attacks even her friends) unless she have Dream!Sans with her to fight with, she couldn't fight properly when she's panicking, and she couldn't fight against Betty and Akumu because they are made from fear)


Lucariotheskeleton represents Dream!Sans. Known as Lucario, he's the one founded the group. He's loud, friendly, outgoing, dreamfilled person, and really nice. Derpy and Saku-Chan gave him a emerald staff that could grant wishes and dreams (but it could only grant 10 wishes per day and it weighs 1000 pounds that only him can carry and touch) and he has the same power as Saku-Chan powers of being CM, his weaknesses are water and being emotional (go to his link if you want to know his powers)


DerpyBlueberrySans represents Swap!Sans. Known as Derpy or Blue, she's friendly, awkward and shy (when meeting new people just like Saku-Chan), funny, and very emotional. The self-proclaimed loner of the group, she's also never seen without some sort of sour candy either in her mouth or stashed in one of her pockets. Her powers are summoning Gaster Blasters, bone attacks, Rage Mode, suplexing boulders, and Death Hugs. She wears blue gloves that can change their size (which were given by Lucario), and blue boots that boost her speed, (a gift from Saku-Chan). Her weaknesses are being trapped in small rooms, bitter dark chocolates, sour candies that don't live up to their names, no affection, weak hugs, and depressing things/topics. She doesn't truly feel like a member of the group; then again the others kicked her out at one point, so she doesn't even know if she's still in the group of if they're just letting her think she is.


-Coming Soon-


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