"Ghoul is it? Prepare for your head to become my trophy!"
– エイリアス (First encountering Ghoul)

エイリアス (Japanese for Alias) is a secret identity of TheUndertaleFan355 and a recurring antagonist of CNAS-Tale.


エイリアス is physically identical to TheUnderTaleFan, but he wears the 'Attack on Titan' gear, with a part 8 Jason Voorhees hockey mask, black pants and brown boots, along with a dark green coat.


エイリアス is relentless in hunting anything that threatens the multiverse. He is hateful to almost all version of Gasters and he is also very aggressive towards most life.

Abilities and Weaknesses

The full extent of his powers are unknown.However he is not to be taken lightly.His armour is very strong and unlikely to break.



He wants to kill Ghoul for taking and killing his mother in his original AU.

The CNAS-Tale Crew

エイリアス respects the CNAS-Tale crew.


  • He has killed multiple different AU Sanses.
  • Despite being an AU destroyer his, LOVE is only at 25.
  • Attitude studies have shown he was most likely abused when young.

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