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"Look buddy, insult my artwork and you might have a split personality about it after I am done with you"
– TheUnderTaleFan355 before slicing you in half if you insult his artwork.

Inside an unknown part of The Creative Realm there is another artist that is not very well known. His name is TheUnderTaleFan355, and he is a recurring character in CNAS-Tale.


He is a tall male human that wears a green hoodie, black long pants with green stripes on them and a pair of green sneakers. He has blonde hair and a katana on his back in a dark green sheathe.


TUTF acts like a jokester and constantly makes AUs that he thinks are perfect. He often does destroy dead AUs, however he doesn't destroy NSFW AUs, because of how disgusting they are. If someone insults his work he will blast and slash them on sight. (It's easy to guess that he has some anger issues). If he meets anyone new he will act friendly unless they have LV. At some moments he can be so serious it even overpowers CNAS' "Meme Lord" mode. At times he can be quite sarcastic. Instead of his art being sprites he considers his "art" the AUs he has created.

Abilities and Weaknesses


He has a certain power to mimic other people's powers that he has seen or heard of. He also has the power to teleport, manifest dragon skull Gaster Blasters and he has the ability to destroy AUs with a snap of his finger. Like TNF he has a katana. However this can transform between being a katana and a paintbrush. He is quite horrible at drawing sprites, so he prefers to just create AUs and ask TNF and CNAS for artwork.


  • He has Haphephobia ( fear of being touched)
  • He has social anxiety.
  • If his Katana is Broken he still has the power to teleport and manifest dragon heads but he loses his other powers.



Is quite good friends with him, however they have gotten into a share of disagreements.

Crazy Nude Artist Sans

Loves to hang out, make cringy jokes, and watch a lot of Sci-Fi movies with him. TUT355 loves CNAS' artwork style.


Thinks he is an abomination that should be erased from existence, but he keeps these thoughts to himself.

Century Gothic

He is interested in C. Gothic's backstory and wants to study the details of it.


  • Once he had won a contest of who could drink a gallon of mountain dew the fastest against CNAS. Surprisingly he actually won.
  • He hates spam and all who think it is funny to vandalize things.
  • Believe it or not he loves to sleep.
  • Once he had traveled to Underfell and got in a fight with UF Sans and Papyrus. He almost died along with Sans and Papyrus.
  • He is great Friends with Reapertale Sans and thinks the job would be "Fun".
  • If he has a total of 3 sans Souls, he can go to his ultimate form, which can destroy entire worlds.
  • He hates every AU character that takes the role of Chara.
  • He hates Ink!Sans because of his "taste in art."
  • Once he had fought Error!Sans and actually won.
  • He loves hot chocolate.
  • If someone insults him, well let's just say he slices them in half if he is mad enough.
  • There is an evil inside of him that no one knows about.(Check out TheUnderTaleFan355's blog to see the story of what would happen if the evil was unleashed)


This is a dark form of the original TUTF. However he is much much much much MUCH more powerful. He shows no emotions besides getting entertainment from killing and destroying things.


He shows no good emotions.Only negative ones. However, He does show some good emotions that have evil motivations.


  • If he destroys something he get entertainment.
  • If he kills anyone he will gain LV which makes him happy.
  • However TUTF355 is still in control its just the dark figure is messing with his head.If he is not turned back in time he will go insane.


  1. All good memories are erased.
  2. He will no longer have memories of his Friends.

Abilities and Weaknesses


  • His powers are tremendously increased by 2004%.
  • He still has all the powers he had with the Katana
  • He can make copies of himself with 100 HP. This can be used to for surprise attacks.

His mimicking powers are extended. He can now fully shapeshift into different people. He can then modify the body he is using. (no, he does not take over bodies but mimics it)

  • He has electrokinesis (The ability to control lightning) He can make elecric tornados.


His only weakness is Good essence, however his Soul is protected by the sword on his back. If you destroy that you must then dodge his attacks and put the essence on his soul. This will cause him to revert back to Normal with no memory of what he did in his Dark Mode. He will regain his memories.


  • His Dark Mode has memories of its original Host.
  • TNF is the only one that can rival his power, However TNF can not break his sword.
  • CNAS has knowledge of dark essence, but he can not predict when TUTF355 will transform.
  • In this form his LV is at 1000.
  • This is not actually the Original. He is dark energy that can take over very powerful hosts. Turns out TUTF355 was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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