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Theundertalefan355 is swapped with Corly

""Wait what were we talking about again ?""
– TUTF to CNAF when he asked him where his burrito was


He is very forgetful and loves to draw.He is mild at art but enjoys making Au's.Although he has gotten into a few fights with CNAF.He hates the thoughts of AU destroyers.Many people think he is a idiot(Besides the CNAS-Swap crew).But they have no idea of how smart and powerful he is in the battlefield.When he sees CNAF he feels REALLY uncomfortable.(Most likely because of his nudity)


He has a blue shirt and long blue pants.He has a long purple scarf with a paintbrush on his back.He has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Powers and Weaknesses


His paint brush can create anything he thinks of.Even weapons.This is because good essense put some of her power in his paint brush.When his paintbrush is broken he use electrokinetic(The ability to control lightning).He is also very skilled in martial arts


If his paintbrush is broken his SOUL is exposed but since the good essence is also in his SOUL its hard to break.


  • He loves to make Au's that are unique.

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