In an alternate timeline,the doctor won the battle in the meat factory.He later captured everyone and did experiments and torture to the CNAS crew.The doctor chose TUTF for his weapon experiments.THe doctor broke his katana and even took his right arm off.Which was replaced with a robotic limb that has an axe blade on the end.The doctor then drove TUTF to be an empty shell with no goals,personality, or even memories of his loved ones. besides his friends.


Ever since the meat factory he has not made a joke or Laugh.He is very quiet and barely talks.

Abilities and Weaknesses


The Doctor has given him cybernetics which increase is strength and endurance.His katana was broken so he no longer can mimic.But his knowledge makes up for it.


He can not feel pain.Due to this he will not notice a wound for a while.However this can also be a strength.


His right arm is a slim silver cybernetic with an axe blade at the end.His clothes colors have also been worn out to a darker green.He is a lot more pale due to the loss of blood.


  • TUTF´s skeleton has been fit with cybernetics.
  • When TUTF saw what the doctor did to flamer and CNAS,He completely lost it.
  • When he was finally given his metal arm he tried to kill the doctor with it.He failed automatically.
  • The doctor has done and put so many things into TUTF,he is basicly Pseudo Human.

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