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"¨VGAS your a idiot¨"
– TUTF Before beating VGAS to the ground.


He shows no mercy when beating someone.He is often laid back preferring to sleep all the time.However his sensitivity to insults is much more higher then the original.He hates every Character that takes the roll of ink.If fact currently he is planning to kill normal ink.Due to constant LOVE gaining he has no interest in actual loving relationships.He will kill anyone who tries to ship him as it makes him uncomfortable.


He wears UF Papyrus armour with a Red Jacket on.His hair is white with his right eye having a scar and being green while his left eye is red

Powers and Weaknesses


His Dark essence now gives him all the abilities that CNAS-Tale TUTF had in his Dark Mode.he owns a war hammer which can turn into a katana.His LV is at 50.


His weaknesses are unknown...


  • VGAS:He thinks of him as a good ally but hates his attitude.
  • Fell TNF:They were(and still are)Friends until VGAS came along
  • Sans T:He hates him and he openly shows it.
  • Century Gothic:Has studied his backstory and thinks it is stupid.


  1. He knows about his Dark mode which fused completely with his soul.This has left him with no Dark mode but a power up mode which boosts his powers.
  2. He loves to watch people suffer.

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