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""Oh VGAF?......I rather not talk about him""
– TUTF to anyone that asks of VGAF


He wears a red shirt with black pants he also has a belt with multiple tools such as guns and knifes.He has a orange cloak.His paint brush is a lot bigger than the original.He has blonde hair with red eyes.


He is very very creative.He hates VGAF and all of the CNAS-SwapFell crew for almost killing him.He has alot of LOVE from the people he was forced to kill.Although he is very caring and kind.He was once one of the fiercest warriors in the group until he went rogue.

Powers and Weaknesses


All the same as the original but is modified because of his LOVE.


He keeps his weaknesses secret.


  • The reason he went rogue is because he hated how VGAF abused him.He tried to get everyone to come with him.They all hastily disagreed.

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