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Ghoul is the secret alias of TheNitroFlamer and a recurring antagonist of CNAS-Tale. He is a psychotic flesh eating ghoul.


After being murdered once again by Crazy Nude Artist Papyrus, he was resurrected into a new body made by himself, which had 3 enhancements: increased pyrokinetic powers, enhanced 'limb length,' and ghoul DNA so he could secretly fuel his genocidal tendencies and true opinions by taking on a new alias.


Ghoul is physically identical to TNF, being a 5'8" white male with blue eyes and dark gold hair. In his ghoul form, his eyes are black with red irises, his hair is white and his finger nails are pure white. Every time he takes the form of Ghoul, he wears a dark grey hoodie, dark pale-red pants with black stripes and dark red shoes. he also carries two katanas on his back and he wears a creepy dark blue-ish grey mask with large teeth and exposed gums.


Ghoul enjoys genocide, taking the opportunity to kill as much as possible, especially if his kill is a human as it gives him food to consume. He is always violent and hateful and will fight anyone who opposes him, or anyone for that matter. He also enjoys going through space and time to kill his victims, especially those from the past.

Abilities and Weaknesses


Ghouls powers & skills are identical to TNFs, he has rage fueled pyrokinesis and incredible katana skills, however he has a few additions. The biggest difference to his powers is his ukaku kagune, a giant dark wing-like thing that he can summon out of his back, which he can use for short ranged combat and defense. He can also crystallize his kagune, increasing his defense and allowing him to use long ranged attacks. He also has enhanced physical defense which keeps him immune to certain weapons, enhanced physical healing and an extra katana, which he can use to shoot out Error!Sans' blue strings.



Ghoul has made it his goal to hunt down エイリアス for apposing his genocide.

Crazy Nude Artist Sans

Ghoul truly despises CNAS and wants to kill him under all circumstances.


TUTF is the only person who Ghoul truly trusts in the multiverse. Despite this, Ghoul finds him somewhat suspicious.

The CNAS-Tale Crew

Ghoul is neutral to the rest of the CNAS-Tale crew, but will happily kill them if they oppose him.


Error!Sans is Ghoul's other nemesis, but Ghoul actually enjoys toying with Error and chooses not to kill him.


  • TNF was inspired to make the Ghoul alias for TNF after watching 'Tokyo Ghoul.'
  • Ghouls first real kill was a person in the past, the mother of the then soon-to-be エイリアス.

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