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"WRYYYYY!" (ウリイイイイイ! Pronounced: Uriiiii or Ree)
— Nitrus' battle cry
Nitrus Diego Brando (Self-Nicknamed TheNitroFlamer) is a recurring minor character in Crewtale. Nitrus represents FANDOM user TheNitroFlamer.



Nitrus is a person of medium build and medium stature. He has light blonde hair, yellowish-orange eyes and pale skin due to being a vampire. He wears a yellow jacket with orange cuffs over a green shirt, dark yellow pants and brown striped shoes. He also has a green headband mostly concealed under his hair.


Nitrus is ambitious, arrogant, and megalomaniacal, seemingly able to do anything to achieve his aims. Naturally he is an incredibly selfish person, only looking over his own interest and overlooking those of others at best, trampling them on the ground at worst. Nitrus' most recognizable characteristics are his boundless ambition and his love of power, using anything or anyone that he could use to further his goals, disregarding any kind of morality who would restrain the range of actions available to him.

Abilities and Weaknesses


Being a vampire, Nitrus is physically stronger and faster than any regular person, as well as having heightened senses. He also can regenerate 90% of injuries given to him at a rapid rate. His powers mostly consist of laser eyes, the ability to freeze anyone that comes in to him, hypnosis and teleportation. His biggest ability is to summon his fighting spirit in the form of a tall 'Stand' which appears behind him as a tall humanoid creature.


Nitrus' Stand (Bone to Pick) is a tall humanoid with a strange sack-esque body armor, a dark grey hood and under-body and black, hollowed out eyes. The stand itself comes with different stats which determine it's abilities. The stats are ranked between A (Great) to E (Terrible).

  • Power - The Stand's strength in it's physical combat and special ability. (RANK - A)
  • Speed - The speed in which the Stand and it's attacks move. (RANK - B)
  • Range - The range in which the Stand's attacks reach. (RANK - A)
  • Durability - The physical toughness of the Stand's body. (RANK - C)
  • Precision - The precision of the Stand's attacks. (RANK - D)
  • Development Potential - The potential of which the Stand can improve it's abilities. The lower the stat the less it can learn. (RANK - D)

Just like all Stands, Bone to Pick has a special ability. It's ability is to create and manipulate different types of energy, whether for offensive or defensive purposes. Nitrus uses this ability to drain the energy of his enemies and leave them as hollowed husks.


Being a vampire, Nitrus is weak to sunlight and any sunlight substitute (Such as Ultraviolet Light and energy that uses the same power as the sun). Aside from that, the only thing powerful enough to take him out is physical attacks with enough force to destroy something like a building.


  • Ethan - Ethan is one of the few people Nitrus can trust. Nitrus can tolerate Ethan's personality better than most other members of the Crewtale crew, although Nitrus can't stomach Ethan's passion for hentai.
  • Showcard - Nitrus can't stand Showcard's arrogant nature to the point of pure hatred towards him. Nitrus hides his hate well and doesn't reveal it under any circumstances.
  • Bone - Nitrus doesn't have any real opinion of Bone due to her quiet nature.
  • Azul - Nitrus doesn't tolerate Azul's laziness but can tolerate everything else about him.
  • Kaijū - Nitrus doesn't have any real opinion of Kaijū due to her quiet nature.
  • Corlight - Nitrus can tolerate Corlight, but that's most of what Nitrus thinks of her.



  • Nitrus was heavily inspired by the character Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. His outfit, abilities and his personality traits were inspired by Dio. His middle name (Diego) was also based on Diego Brando (The Dio from the alternate universe) as well as his last name (Brando).
  • Bone to Pick's name is based on the Rusty Cage song by the same name.

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