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" me..."
– TheNitroFlamer

TheNitroFlamer, or TNF for short, is a main character in the AU CNAS-Fell. He is the torture slave of his very own creation.


TNF is stuck in The Graffiti Pad, a realm outside the timeline. He is stuck there because of Fell CNAS (VGAS), who keeps him there for torture. TNF is constantly being tortured by his 'peers' for entertainment. Besides CNAS-Fell TUTF. (Most likely because they were good friends. But to the rest of the crew it is a rumor.)


TNF is a medium sized human with short, dark gold hair, pale skin and blue eyes. He always wears a red hoodie with a light brown, woolly hood and a plain white T-shirt underneath, a black pair of tracksuit pants and a red pair of shoes with black tips. He is constantly covered in bruises and cuts due to his torture. He is also always sick due to being injected with non-fatal parasites by VGAS.

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