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"Welp, i'm bored."
– The Nitro Flamer

TheNitroFlamer, or TNF for short, is a main character in the AU CNAS-Tale. He is not to be mistaken for UTAUWikiTale TheNitroFlamer or The Real Nitro Flamer


Just like his 'friend' CNAS, TNF lives outside the timeline, and he helps AUs and their creators by creating sprites for the AUs with bad art, or no art. He lives in a small pocket dimension within The Creative Realm. This pocket dimension is filled with weird abstract artwork, sprites and concept sketches of AU characters. The world is called "The Picasso Pad" by CNAS because of the abstract artwork. Unlike CNAS however, TNF also makes AUs, however he only has made 2 AUs, CNAS-Tale and Beyondtale.


TNF is a medium sized human with short, dark gold hair, pale skin and blue eyes. He always wears a grey hoodie with a video game related T-shirt underneath, a black pair of tracksuit pants and a neon green pair of shoes with white tips. He also carries around a black, curved, titanium katana in a dark red sheathe with the Japanese word for flamer on it (飛行機). His new updated design also has black stripes running up his pants, strings on his jacket which adjust his hood and a brighter shade of blue for his eyes.


TNF is very laid back and lazy, but often works on sprites or (on very rare occasions) his video game. He constantly acts bored, slightly agitated even though he plays a lot of games. He is really nerdy, obsessing over everything pop culture (Anime, gaming, comics etc.), especially retro media. He is quiet when it comes to being social, but with friends he can act friendly, and at times a bit silly. However, he can be angered really easy, causing him to attack people that piss him off unless they are his friend.

Abilities & Weaknesses


Since being reborn in a pseudo-human body made by CNAS, TNF was able to be reborn with the ability of pyrokinesis. He can conjure up flames, fire walls, pure beams of heat and can set objects on fire depending on his anger, the more angry he is, the more powerful his powers are. He can also manipulate pre-existing flames and extinguish flames. He is also skilled with his katana, often using that before his pyrokinetic powers when it comes to offence. As of his LOVE, he is a level 21.


His pyrokinetic powers are dependent on his rage. If he is not angry, he can barely keep a small flame ignited and if he is too angry he can get carried away with incinerating stuff. He can also be cocky at times, sometimes distracting him.



TNF is friends with his other half although he can't fully comprehend him.


Even though TNF considers himself CNAS' 'friend,' he is constantly agitated with a lot of CNAS' actions.


Just like CNAS,TNF also admires Ink's work. TNF actually was inspired to be an AU creator because of Ink.


TNF also likes Create and his role in the multiverse.


Unlike CNAS, TNF hates Destroyer for destroying AUs that could be salvaged.


TNF likes Dream's positivity. That is all TNF has to say about Dream.


TNF's only thought about Nightmare is that he looks like Sans if he was an '80s horror movie monster.


Just like Destroyer, TNF hates Error and his role in the Multiverse, but he also fears Error's power.


TNF likes S.T's role in the Multiverse, and also likes S.T's personality because it vaguely reminds him of what his own personality once was.


TNF worships Saness for being the closest Undertale AU to be a meme (An AU that isn't trying to be a meme, but with that being said, TNF doesn't know if Saness is trying to be a meme or not).


TNF worships Beyond!Sans for being his first (and best) AU.

Memelord Sans

TNF can barely tolerate Memelord, but he has to since CNAS worships him.


TNF knows that Dark!Sans was CNAS' first 'real' creation and respects Dark!Sans, even though he isn't a fan of his role in the multiverse.


TNF likes Sans.T, but finds him a bit annoying.

Century Gothic

TNF finds C. Gothic a good friend, better than CNAS and Sans.T

Times New Roman

TNF thinks TNR is nothing but a selfish creep, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.}}

AU's featuring TNF



Non Canon



  • He is allergic to dust mites.
  • Out of all the CNAS-Tale characters, TNF has died the most times, being killed twice.
  • TNF is learning trombone. He is not good at it.
  • TNF used to hate Undertale AUs, but he eventually got convinced by his IRL friends that AUs are cool.
  • He has experimented in Megalovania remixes. He still hasn't disposed of the corpses the people he accidentally killed with the remixes.
  • He once lived in The 37th dimension, a realm where everything looked like a 16 bit sprite and where video games never got past 16 bit (meaning that it was video game limbo/hell depending on who you ask).
  • TNF once fought and actually defeated Spectron in a one on one fight to the death (Spectron did NOT die though and TNF himself nearly died).
  • He always carries around a wallet filled with $16.10 in surface currency, 0.10 in gold, identification, phone numbers, a cell-phone and drawings of miscellaneous anime characters.
  • TNF is obsessed with pop culture, specifically anime and video games.
  • The game he rarely works on is actually real (And can be found here).
  • Although most of his sprites are for Undertale, he is a sprite designer for his friends game with mechanics inspired by Undertale (That game can be found here).
  • He constantly like shamelessly promoting stuff he makes/contributes to.
  • Despite being obsessed with it, TNF rarely plays Undertale.
  • His boss theme, MegaloIVIania (A mix of Megalovania and Live A Live's Megalomania) was chosen because TNF likes both Undertale and old Square-Enix RPGs especially Live A Live.
  • He has a bad weed smoking habit.
    • He also makes marijuana brownies sometimes.
    • Despite what people say, TNF thinks marijuana isn't dangerous.
    • He has admitted that one of his favorite AUs is Reefertale, an AU where everyone is a stoner.
  • TNF has chronic arachnophobia (Fear of spiders), acrophobia (Fear of heights), thanatophobia (fear of death) and what he calls leprechaunophobia (Fear of leprechauns).
  • TNF once had an aneurysm because of CNAS' constant annoyances.
  • He has s bad habit of cracking his fingers with his thumbs.
  • Unlike CNAS' TNF does have prophetic powers (The ability to see the future). Sometimes he can have prophetic visions during his sleep.
  • He hates puns, yet unintentionally makes them all the time.
  • TNF is fluent in reading, writing and (somehow) speaking wingdings.
  • As well as that, he is also fluent in reading, writing and (somehow) speaking webdings.

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