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originally from underswap turned into his test subject verion later on
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name: testyswap

nicknames: rotten blueberry,shadow berry,insanity sans

(experiment: part of his head cut off and mixed with shadow magic along with 10% of the middle of his body being cut off as well)

backstory: after being taken straight from his universe and having to watch his brother killed underswap sans was turned into a test subject a chunk of his skull removed his magic ripped from him and replaced with shadow magic and given new clothes he went insane and decided to do nothing but follow dr. terminals orders and became a yandere for him 

personality: his personality is similar to classic underswap but a bit of depression a bit of yandere and finally a bit of insanity and that’s the personality of testyswap his favrite thing to do is to make a necklace out of the skulls of papyruses he has a necklace made from 4 papyruses already he wears and keeps hidden

1: underswap papyrus

2: underfell papyrus

3: undertale papyrus 

4: baby bones papyrus 

likes: killing papyrus,dr. terminal,blueberry muffins,sugar,his necklace 

if you want to find out more about testyswap go to

or ask dr-terminal-gaster 

the maker of this is kaci miller or toy monnie 

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