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I am the Terrorizer.
– Terrorizer's introduction at the end of a Genocide Route

Brian Hanby, also known as the Terrorizer or the the fallen creature, is a half human, half machine that to fall into the Underground. He is an Irish video game commentator on Vanoss' crew. He is known for his impersonations of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bane from Batman among many others. He have the Fallen role and play as Chara through the genocide route in Vanosstale, Possessing Vanoss himself.


While how Terrorizer origin was unknown, Some interpretations of Terrorizer have him being villainous. In these interpretations they want to destroy all humans and owlmens. According to the authors that make Terrorizer like this, He is using Vanoss to fufill his quest of destroying the world and killing all humans and owlmens.

It been mentioned at the Neutral Route(as well as the final battle in the Pacifist route with Lui Calibre) that he fell into Mt. Santos and was raised by Lui Calibre along with their owners Mini Ladd and Wildcat, Who raised him as their own child. But one day, Terrorizer grown ill and hope Lui Calibre to find a bed or Potatos to rest on. He later died and Lui absorb his soul to get him to the surface, before the owlman attack Lui for what they believe to be murder.

Different between Terrorizer and Chara

  • While Chara is human, Terrorizer is unknown being both human and machine, Being called a creature.
  • While he is Lui close friend, He grown a deep hate for him as of everyone around him. Most likely in Vanossgaming tradition to him getting the short end of the stick and get angry alot.
  • Speaking of which, Terrorizer is more easliy angry then Chara to the point of swearing alot.
  • His song would be playing in style of his outro song. This included in zzz and Megalo Strike Back.

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