Terrariatale is an AU that is a mix of Terraria and Undertale


Flowey is a demon

Toriel is Queen Bee

Napstablook is Golem

Sans is Skeletron Prime

Papyrus is Skeletron

Undyne is Duke Fishron (Undyne the Undying is Dukes form in the halfway point)

Alphys is the Nurse

Mettaton is the eater of worlds

Mettaton EX is the Destroyer

Mettaton NEO is the twins

Asgore is King Slime

Chara is the player

Asriel is the Guide (Zach in this AU)

Omega Flowey is The Wall Of Flesh

God Of Hyper Death is Moon Lord

Gaster was the brain of Cthulhu

The Ruins are The Jungle Temple

Snowdin is the Snow Biome

Waterfall is The Ocean

Hotland is The Desert

The Core is the same

MT. Ebbot is avoided because it is by the Corruption to left, Crimson to the right, Hallow on the top, and a meteorite on the bottom.

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