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"Hello, there, young one! Would you care for a cup of tea?"
– Haven!Terracus greeting a lost child.

Haven!Terracus is an angel, and a high-ranking member of the Guardians of 6. He is basically Terracus' opposite. He is the absolute angel lord of Dreams and Kindness.


Haven!Terracus is all white instead of all black, with much less sinister features. Instead of sharp tentacles on his back, he has a pair of angelic wings. His eyes are ocean blue as oppose to blood red. He also does not possess any of the satanic symbols and badges, and instead has a cross on his chest.


Haven!T is practically the exact opposite of Terracus. He's responsible for good dreams, happiness, and loves humanity. He's also very, VERY kind and sweet to everyone. He is sort of a pacifist and tries his best to refrain from fighting, but he understands when violence is necessary. His personality is very similar to that of Toriel, though he is more kind-hearted. He loves monsterkind as well as humanity. He greatly admires Infernox for his sense of justice. He also doesn't care about cringe over the fandom. He loves to cook as well. His most famous dish is his Dulce De Leche Creme Brûlée

Powers and abilities

His powers and abilities all consist of light magic attacks. He can withstand Terracus' nightmares as well. He may be kind and happy, but he is very, very brave.

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