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Terms and Conditions is an alternate universe created by peculiarpotato. It, so far, consists of an ongoing fanfiction being written on Quotev.


Terms and Conditions takes place in the Underground after a neutral route bordering on complete genocide. Frisk, fed up with the cycle and being forced to kill; decided to abandon the game, which no Frisk has every done before. However, this glitched the timeline because not only did they leave, they left before the timeline could fully reset.

Conditions in the Underground

The lack of a full reset caused most of the monsters and items to be restored, but Asgore is still dead and the souls are still gone.

Toriel has moved out of the Ruins and is now ruling as a very relaxed queen. The monsters mostly govern themselves, while Toriel attends the occasional meeting and oversees some laws. She also is a teacher at the Underground's new school. The Royal Guard has disbanded, true to the end of the actual neutral ending. The only member is indeed Papyrus who's duty is just to water flowers.

Monsterkind does not remember the brutal killings of most of the monsters since they were reset. They do, however, know of Asgore's passing and it has brought the morale of monsterkind down quite a bit. Monsters remember Frisk as a kind child, and most theorize that Frisk killed Asgore just to get home. (Frisk did not kill Asgore however, it was Flowey.) They however cannot explain why the souls have dissappeared because none of them are aware of Omega Flowey.

As for the attitude of monsters towards humans, it is as debated as ever. While not apparent on the surface, Monsters are very conflicted about humans. While there is a strict no-human-killing policy enacted by Toriel, there are no measures currently in place to protect humans. Monsters in the outer towns such as Snowdin and Waterfall are more friendly towards humans, while many occupants of the city would rather start collecting souls again.

Control of the timeline

* The following section ("Control of the timeline") is not canon to the official code of Undertale and is not meant to be taken that way. This is an interpretation of how game mechanics would work in a physical world scenario.
The bigger issue of course is this copy's lack of a main character. Since Frisk is gone, someone needs to man the timeline and continue being the 'player'. The world is set to run like a game, wherein it has protocols for unexpected situations.
RESET 77% Complete

ERROR!! Main_Character-F not detected. Initiating protocol_SEARCH searching... searching.... in proximity- found_1 found_2 ERROR DT levels low.... Checking for solution... Solution- protocol_JOIN Switching primary Found_1 Found_2 System balance protocol_JOIN favor Found_2 {start}

— Terms & Conditions, Footer
The first protocol enacted is protocol_SEARCH. This was built in case the main character couldn't be found in time for the timeline to reset. It is designed to find anyone within the search vicinity, (currently on or around Mount Ebbot) and scan for the person with the most determination. The system runs on determination, so a sould with a large amount of it is needed to overpower Flowey's control and start the game. Once that person is found, the system will form a connection to their soul and guide them into the Underground.

However, in the case of Terms & Conditions, neither of the two humans in the search radius had a sufficient amount of determination. The solution was protocol_JOIN: An untested protocol in which two humans could inherit the timeline. However, this protocol was controversial, and didn't get the testing it needed. Nobody thought even SEARCH would need to be used, as a Frisk had never left their copy before, so there was hardly any effort put into JOIN. As a result, JOIN was not completely developed, which would cause some... unintended consequences for the humans involved.

Warning! Spoilers for the fanfic below!

These consequences include: Not being able to reset due to the Determination having to be held together from two souls, (Y/N)'s former soul of ____ becoming a soul of Determination, (Y/N) bring the only one able to see the save points and interact with the real-life GUI, and Ann's existence unable to be acknowledged by monsters, due to the fact that they cannot see her. She is invisible and mute to the monsters


* This AU DOES contain an oc and the Reader, but is not simply an oc and reader insert. It does have its own plot besides the addition of these two characters.

Additional Characters


Ann is the Reader's best friend and has fallen into the Underground with them. She is a female with dark hair, light skin, and light brown eyes. She has a soul of Kindness and her stats are normally scaled; (For LV 1, HP 20, ATK 10, DEF 10). She doesn't have a fanon age, but is assumed to be in her teenage years.

(Y/N) / Reader

The Reader, known as (Y/N) [for "your name"] is the main character of the story. Most of their physical traits are kept ambiguous, including age, gender (the story uses they/them pronouns for neutrality) appearance, and original soul color. The only information on their soul was that it wasn't originally a soul of Determination, but became one when protocol_JOIN was enacted. Their stats are also normally scaled; (For LV 1, HP 20, ATK 10, DEF 10).

Canon Characters-


Toriel is now queen over the Underground and a teacher at the Underground's new school. She takes in (Y/N) and Ann once they enter the Underground.


Sans is still himself. While he no longer has the sentry jobs, he still has a hotdog stand. He can ususlaly be found at Grillby's or wandering around. The reset affected his memory too. While he does remember Frisk and their ability to save and load, he has the same memory continuity as the other monsters around the last reset.


Papyrus, true to the ending of the game, is the only person in the Royal Guard. His chief duty is watering flowers.


Undyne is a spirited fish woman, as always. Her concern for Alphys is growing, as she has become more reclusive and work-focused.


Besides a few appearances, Alphys has, again true to the game, become more reclusive. She shows up occasionally, but spends most of her time alone.


Mettaton, after some tinkering by Alphys, was able to keep his EX form. His celebrity career is as booming as always.


Asgore was indeed killed by Flowey. However, none of the citizens know this, and everyone assumes Frisk was the one to kill him. The monsters rationalize that their determination to go home made them take extreme measures.


After deciding that they wanted to abandon the game, it appears as if they got to the surface. It is also mentioned that the last child who went missing had been found, and was featured in the news. They told tales of monsters, but nobody seemed to believe them.
The title screen was different this time.

Of course there were the original pictures, the ones describing the fall of the first child. However, it didn't end with that. There was something new, something never seen before. A small child exited the mountain, alone. It was apparent in the pictures that this child was Frisk.

— Terms & Conditions, Chapter 4
"Right... So you know this is Mount Ebott."

"Is that supposed to mean anything?" (y/n) asked. I facepalmed. "Don't you watch the news? Apparently seven children have disappeared on this mountain!" "I've only heard of one, what was their name? You know, the one that recently fell?" They paused. "I must be really out of touch." "I don't know. I don't remember." "But they were found, weren't they? They escaped. Saying something about monsters and stuff, they're nuts." (y/n) remarked.

— Terms & Conditions, Chapter 3


They seem to have either disappeared or left the timeline alone ever since the reset... or perhaps they're watching from somewhere in the shadows.


Ever since Flowey killed Asgore, he's pretty much in hiding. He's only appeared once after the reset, while the "Player" on the other side left the game open. Flowey somehow does remember what happened, and seems to have some answers to questions nobody asked.

W.D. Gaster

An unexplained mystery, as always.

Main story:

* If you would like to read the story in its entirety, please read the actual fanfiction. This wiki has only a brief explanation of it.


Why Ann can't see save points

For a while it is never directly stated, but later it proves true that the Reader is the only one who can see the save points. In the chapter "Drawings on a map" Toriel shows both humans a map of the Underground, and the discover it has small stars drawn on it in yellow crayon. Apparently this was Frisk's doing. On the back is written the word "SAVE" in the same crayon. (Y/N) states how they correspond to the stars they often see, while Ann is confused because she cannot see them.

Warning! Spoilers for the fanfic below!

It is revealed in the chapter "An offline meeting" when Flowey speaks to Ann and (Y/N) that this is simply a side effect of two humans sharing the timeline. (Y/N) is the only one who can interface with the real life GUI because it was only meant for one. When (Y/N) saves, they save for the both of them.

The "Player" and their motives

There are several breaks in the story that describe an outside force, seemingly on the other side of the Fourth Wall. They seem to be the "Player" of the game, and what they are trying to accomplish is uncertain. However, as the story goes on, their motives seem to be revealed to change from observing an odd run of the game to wanting to destroy everyone.

Warning! Spoilers for the fanfic below!

The person behind the wall breaks, who is the "Player" of this timeline is none other than Chara. Chara managed to leave when Frisk did, making their way into the real world. As soon as they could, they took control of Frisk once more and went to investigate how their world was a game in this one. However, after hearing about the no mercy route, they were furious and demanded revenge. They found a player and their friend, (Y/N) and Ann, and guided the search to them. In order not to corrupt the timeline, Chara altered the system to change the memories of the players, so they wouldn't rebel when they did their no mercy route. However, Chara didn't count of Flowey exposing them and realizing what was going on, along with the fallacies of protocol_join.

Where Flowey got his information

In the chapter "An offline meeting", Flowey appears to the Reader and Ann, divulging some sensitive information about the operation of the real-life GUI and the negative effects of two people managing the timeline. What he doesn't say is where he got this information.

Warning! Spoilers for the fanfic below!

It can be implied that all of this was knowledge readily available through the Prediction tool.

Who Frisk was talking to

In the first chapter, the scene of Frisk deciding to leave the game is narrated. However, the person that is trying to convince them is never directly described. The only information we are given about this person is:

  • This person goes by he/him pronouns
  • He doesn't like his "Job"
  • He is referred to as "Maybe being a villain after all" Implying that he could be be construed as "Bad"
  • He is bitter about Frisk getting the role of main character, a role he wanted himself
  • He can access the "Prediction tool" and knows about the existence of multiple worlds, which means he is "One of the few who could understand."
Warning! Spoilers for the fanfic below!

In the third-to-last chapter it is revealed that Flowey was the one talking to Frisk and trying to stop them from leaving.

The "Prediction tool"

In the previous section, a mysterious item called the "Prediction tool" is mentioned. It seems to keep track of the runs already done in this copy of the world, and predict the logical next step. It can only be accessed by "the few who could understand." Where it comes from and who can use it is unknown. The only two confirmed users are Frisk and the mysterious person they were talking to.
"I have the same access that you have. I've seen what happens in the other worlds... the probabilities." They sniffed "I know the pattern!"

He tensed. "You.. you've noticed too." They nodded, flinging a strand of dark hair over their eye by accident. Both of them turned to look towards the screen on the wall, the closest thing any world have to contacting to another. It was the prediction tool that everyone used, to get themselves prepared for the next run. Only a chosen few could access it, a chosen few who would be able to understand.

-World Run Statistics-

Run_1= Neutral (LV2)

Run_2= Pacifist

Run_2.5= True Pacifist

Run_3= Neutral (LV17)

Next run prediction: Genocide [pattern match- 87%]

— Terms & Conditions, Chapter 1
Warning! Spoilers for the fanfic below!

In the third-to-last chapter, it is revealed that the creator of the prediction tool is none other then Gaster himself. He volunteered to scatter himself across time and space to gather data from different worlds and timelines in order to organize it. He created a sort of console in the void that certain characters could access so they could predict the next run and prepare.

Involvement of Chara

Nobody seems to know anything about the state of Chara. They have been nowhere to be found since the last reset. It seems as if they left the Underground with Frisk. However, that may or may not be true.

Warning! Spoilers for the fanfic below!

See the section "The "PLAYER" and their motives"

Involvement of Gaster

Gaster himself is also never mentioned in the fanfic by name. However, he may be present in it somehow. Running theories have to do with the first chapter and who Frisk was talking to. This is unconfirmed.

Warning! Spoilers for the fanfic below!

See the section "Prediction Tool"

Another mystery

This mystery itself is a minor spoiler!

Who's the murderer? In the chapter "It has begun" a figure is described going through and murdering monsters. Nobody knows exactly who the figure is, but there is certainly a running theory.

Warning! Spoilers of the spoilers and the whole fanfic's ending below!

Through nearly all of the story, it is maintained that Ann is the murderer. However, in the second-to-last chapter, it is revealed that (Y/N) (unwillingly and unknowingly) was the killer all along.

Why nobody knows about the human-monster war

It seems as if humanity has no idea that there ever was a human-monster war. In fact, they don't seem to even know monsters exist. People actually go on tours and field trips to Mount Ebbot for nature walks and such. Yes, it is common knowledge that children have gone missing there, but with so many visitors, it's bound to happen. People are encouraged not to go on the mountain itself, but there is no fence or posted warnings.
"It was on the news recently. They kept going on and on about a monster-human war."

"Well they must have an overactive imagination. There's no such thing as monsters. If there was some war, we would remember."

— Terms & Conditions, Chapter 3
Warning! Spoilers for the fanfic below!

While only vaugely explained, this simple question actually goes a lot deeper then simply the knowledge of the war. In the third-to-last chapter it is revealed that both Ann and (Y/N) were actually players from the real world. The real world knows the story as only a game, and the someone entered them with fake memories into the limited world of the game. The memories did not include the war because the person who entered them didn't like the subject of any more human and monster conflict.


  • This story was actually based on a discussion the author and her best friend had.
  • At one point, there was a physical comic of the story. It was in very early stages and had no plot whatsoever.
  • This story has also been rewritten. In the original story, the reader was female and she had taken the place of someone called "Millie." There were also multiple plot holes as to how the story was developed. The original, unrefined and incomplete version can be read here: (warning it is pretty bad...)
  • The actual story was originally created as a New Year's present from peculiarpotato to her followers.
  • The original copy had artwork by peculiarpotato for every chapter, but it was time consuming and hard to make the Reader ambiguous. The quality decreased as time went on.
  • Some commenters on the original story had theorized the answer to some mysteries correctly, while others peculiarpotato has happily misleaded.
  • This whole wiki article was written by the author of the fanfic.
  • Potato did indeed intend for every single plot twist to happpen from the beginning. (In fact, one of her motivations for writing it was adding the plot twists)


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The cover of the official Terms & Conditions fanfiction

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A drawing of what Frisk's save file looked like once they decided to quit once and for all

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The note that "QT" left behind at Toriel's home in the Ruins

IMG 8763

An example of a chapter picture from the old version of Terms & Conditions