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This is a Template AU Page. This page will be used as the basis for all AUs from here forward. Each AU page is required to look similar to this, though there are slight exceptions. Any pages that don't follow this will be up for instant deletion without argument. The only template that is required is the Infobox:AU Template, and the OtherWikis2 Template if a wiki for that AU exists. Each Template used will go in the following order.
  • DontEdit
  • OtherWikis2
  • (Any additional Template added by Admin to tell the user to fix something on the page, such as Translate or Cancelled)
  • Non-Canon
  • Non-existent AU
  • Infobox AU
  • Quote

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Alphasaith on their message wall.

Proper construction of Infobox:AU

It is required that the minimum amount of information within the infobox be as follows:

  • Author
  • Link
  • Type
  • Medium

Clarification of above is as follows:

  • With the Author, write down the original creator of the AU. If the AU has been adopted by someone else, put their name down too.
  • With the Link, put down a link to the location that the AU can be found. Examples would be linking the page to DeviantArt, Tumblr, Youtube, or some other such platform. Do NOT link this section to another wiki, as the AU will be considered a non-existent AU, and will be marked as such, wherein you will have a few weeks to create the AU or have it be deleted.
  • With the Type, write down the AU Type. An extensive list of AU Types can be found on the AU Category page.
  • With the Medium, you are required to list in what medium the AU is being written in.


Now that you have read this very important page, you will know what will happen to pages that do not follow this template.

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