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The Construction Temlings are a species of Temmie that were created after 1WikiConstructionTemmie1 decided he couldn't do a lot of work for himself and NOBODY ELSE CARED TO HELP!!! So he created miniature Construction Temmies to help him work. This did not work as well as he thought it would work however, and they were sent to their own area of the Wiki, known as the page your reading now to assist with wiki building, instead of normal construction.


CoNstRuKtion SHop

The CoNstRuKtion SHop is where you can buy the toolbelt, which gives you more inventory space,t eh handy hammer, a weapon, and a construction helmet, armor. It replaces the TEM SHOP


There are 7 temlings in total. One is on a scaffold, another is on a wrecking ball that's stuck in the wall, the third is in the shop, the fourth is running in a circle, and the last three ones are just sitting around.

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