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"Ummm... hOi! Im dr. Tem! Im mettaton's royal scientist!"
– Meeting Tem

Dr. Tem (Tem or Temmie for short) is Mettaton's Royal Scientist.

She loves hoomins, Tem Flakes, and, Toby.


'Dear Diary,

................ I cant believe am saying dis..... but, i have a... c - c... crush.

 let meh explain!

i was at da dump, and, Toby, da royal guard's leader, came up tu meh and asked WHAT i was doin!

i said i was thinking about tEMMIE flakes.

 it was da truth!!!!!!

so, now i liek Toby.

 i'll just call him da annoyin doggy, okay?

- well, bOI!!!!!!'

This is Temmie's Diary Entry about Toby.

Why was she at the DUMP though?!?



She met her when she came to The Hotlands.


Look at the Crush Section.


She made Clovey, and, that's basically it.


☞☹⚐🕈☜✡ 🕈✌💧 ❄☟☜ ☞✋☼💧❄ ☼⚐✡✌☹ 💧👍✋☜☠❄✋💧❄📪 ✌☠👎📪 ❄☜💣 😐☠☜🕈 ☟✋💣 👌☜☞⚐☼☜ ☟☜ ☞☜☹☹ ✋☠❄⚐ ❄☟☜ 👍⚐☼☜📪 ☟✋💧 ⚐🕈☠ 👍☼☜✌❄✋⚐☠.


  • She [faintly] remembers Flowey
  • She didn't know Chara before they became Charabot (willingly)

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