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In this AU, Muffet is replacing the empty one and the soulless angel (Flowey-Asriel in Undertale).


Look like Flowey but with few small changes, his petals aren't petals but furs tufts. He also wear a stripped shirt.

In Battle

Try to bite you with his cute mouth several times. Also sometime a funny attack in which you see his head coming to you from a corner of the battle box.


  • Friends: Alphys, Grillby (ruin's dummy), Muffet
  • Neutral: Asriel and Monster kid
  • Hate: Toriel, Asgore and Mettaton


A long time ago, Toriel made experiments on this temmie, but they gone wrong like the amalgamates....

Temmie turn into a flesh-furs flower thing.... Also amalgamates in this AU have more a vegetable appearance.

Trivia & Quotes

-Flowey originally have six petals while Temmey have twelve petals.

-Temmeh have a scary face, but it just look too cute on him to make him really scary....

-Temmie is Flowey but the reverse is false, others Temmies are Charies (temmies with chara face)


Every Routes:
Hoi!! I'm temmeh, temmeh da fluffy flowar!! You're a human, am I right? Welcom to da undergrouun !!! I will teach you someting, did you see this small things? They are BULLETS, you have to dodge them if you don't want to die!!
— Temmie (DarkTale) after your fall

Genocide Route:
Soooo.. here is my plan, i named it "T plan" T is furrrr hmm Temmeh! You help me to kill da charies and you will give me deir souwl !! If you want, you can keep one for you! And with the power of da souls I will be a real tem!! And da unik tem of dis wurld! hihi!!
— Temmie (DarkTale) at the start of the genocide route

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