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The following page is filled with information based on a version of a character made as a parody, that will get people annoyed. If you cannot stomach controversial character variations, your discretion is advised.

Temmies are minor antagonists of the AU CNAS-Tale. Each Temmie is an evil demon with the exterior of a regular Temmie.


Temmies in CNAS-Tale are the demon off-springs of Satan who roam the multiverse to cause pain and suffering. They disguise themselves as the Temmies from Undertale to make them look innocent and unsuspecting, so that they can take out their prey easier.


On the exterior, each of the Temmies looks like an average Temmie in Undertale, but in their true forms, each Temmie is a grotesque, bulbous creature made out of fire and earth, with long, lanky arms and deep red eyes which leak strings of fire.


  • The CNAS-Tale Temmies are made purely as a joke by CNAS-Tale's creator TheNitroFlamer to explain why CNAS is afraid of Temmies and is in no way to mock Temmies.
  • CNAS is the only character who is aware of the Temmies' true form. Oddly enough though, he thinks EVERY Temmie is a demon not just the ones who roam the multiverse.

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