Regarding The Underfell Wiki. (The Admin Snowpanther)

Sup. So, I have soething to talk about with all of you. I want to talk about the Underfell wiki, becuase the admin Snowpanther on that wiki. They are quite frankley is abusing their power as an admin. 

As you all know, shipping characters in undertale is a very common thing. There are ships like soriel, frans, papyton, charisk, etc. On the underfell wiki, Snowpanher has made it very prominant that they ship frans. "Oh, JungleShark, why is THAT bad? They're just a shipper. We all are." You might be thinking. Well, Snowpanther has been making it so that certian pages (For example, Underfell Sans) cannot be edited by most people and only themselves, and adds their ship to the page. For example, at one point, the page said that Sans and Frisk get married after the events of the games, but now says that Sans has "affection" for Frisk, "stalks" and "takes them on dates". What's worse is that they are editing others ccomments to their own opinion. People have been asking why the pages was the way it was, and saying their own opinions, like saying that they don't ship frans, and then their comment is edited to say that they do ship frans. You can see that Snowpanther did edit those comments because of the comment's edit history. Heck, I've even been banned from that wiki for just saying my opinion. Sometimes on very special cases, Snowpanther even deletes some comments! 

As you can see from my evidance, this behavior is not ok. Very so for an admin. So, my question is this: Is there anything that we can do? (If I am told that this talk thred doesn't fit on this wiki, I'll understand. This is mpre of an Underfell wiki thing, but I'm banned from there, soooooooooo)

                                                                                      JungleShark (talk) 16:46, June 25, 2017 (UTC)JungleShark.

Well, this should be on the underfell wiki. You should make a demotion poll.

WikiT (Message Wall) 17:00, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

I cannot add a demotion poll, because I have been banned from that wiki. I cannot edit, add pages, or comment. And why I used Sans as an example is becuase he is a primary example of issue.

                                                                                                                     JungleShark (talk) 18:17, June 25, 2017


I have set up a demotion poll, Snowpanther is demoted and you are unblocked. ~Wiki Temmie (Message Wall) 18:17, July 29, 2017 (UTC)

Why Sans?!

why is sans on the buttond thingy on the top?? (His au versions too) why cant it be another character??

~Wiki Temmie (Message Wall) 18:17, July 29, 2017 (UTC)

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