* But nobody came.

* This article may contain any information that is from a cancelled AU. It may also contain non-canon information. As such, some info may not be released yet or will never be.

* Plus, if you want to adopt this AU, please ask permission from the creator if you want to make their AU yours.
However, if the creator isn't/wasn't inactive or hasn't left the internet forever, then you must discuss it with them.

Taletwist is a shift AU.


  • Mad Dummy is Flowey
  • Mettaton is Toriel
  • Toriel is Napstablook
  • Alphys is Sans
  • Undyne is Papyrus
  • Chara is Undyne
  • Asriel is Alphys
  • Sans is Mettaton
  • Napstablook is Asgore

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