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Taleshift is an AU by Kain222 where, like Underswap and Storyshift, some characters are given different roles. Like Storyshift, the characters generally remain in their pairs, although there are a few exceptions. Like Taletwist and unlike Storyshift, some of the minor characters are shifted as well.

Also this AU looks very much like Fabletilt. Toriel swaps with Sans, Asriel with Undyne, Asgore with Papyrus... maybe this AU has two different names.

Changes Edit ==

* Asriel is the Captain of the Guard.

* Alphys is the Caretaker of the Ruins.

* Sans is the Fallen.

* Toriel is the Judge.

* Napstablook is swapped with Gaster. Thus, Gaster is the Recluse and Napstablook is the Forgotten Scientist.

* Asgore is the "Ambitious" (actually the leader of the exiles who resisted Undyne's rule).

* Papyrus is the Empty One, under the name "Flowey".

* Chara is the Royal Scientist.

* Empress Undyne is the Monarch.

* Muffet is the Celebrity.

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