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Tales of PNF-404 is a Pikmin-based AU created by DustyTheGoat.


Long ago, a space duo, OLIMAR and CHARA, went to a distant planet named 'PNF-404', which inhabited many creatures. OLIMAR and CHARA then were never heard from again and were presumed dead. That was, until recent times. You were sent up to PNF-404 to investigate what's going on...


Name Role Species Gender Description Theme(s)
Frisk The Player/Protagonist Hocotatian Female Frisk is a young female Hocotatian who was sent to PNF-404, and is the player character. N/A
Puffy The Empty One Mushroom Pikmin/Puffmin Female Puffy is a Pikmin with a mushroom on her head. She tries to kill you with 'love spores'. Your Mushiest Friend, Your Mushiest Nightmare, Last Stand
Wings The Caretaker Winged Pikmin Female Wings is a female Pikmin and the caretaker of the Rustyard. Fallen Through, Broken Wings
Tox The Judge White Pikmin Male Tox is a Pikmin and the first you encounter in Distant Tundra. He is known for being mysterious and a prankster. tox., STHASCOPUFT (Song That Has A Small Chance of Playing Upon Fighting Tox), ENTOXICATION
Flare The Ambitious Red Pikmin Male Flare is a red Pikmin who wishes to capture a Hocotatian so he can join the Royal Guard. Other than that, he is a kind-heated yet flamboyant soul. Fleh heh heh!, Flamerustle
Aqua The Captain of the Guard Blue Pikmin Male Aqua is the captain of the Royal Guard, which protects the place from predators (and he mistakes you for one, hence why he chases you throughout Twilight River) Aqua, Waves of Bravery, Fight Against the Unceasing
El The Royal Scientist Yellow Pikmin Female El Ectrik is the Royal Scientist of PNF-404. She is the accidental creator of the Amalgamates El
Rocky The Celebrity Winged Pikmin (Disguised as a Rock Pikmin) Female Rocky is the star of the Underground. She is quite tomboyish, but isn't afraid to show her feminine side. A Rocky Showtime!, Boulder Bash, Doomed to This Hell, Can't Stop Me Now!
Captain Olimar The Monarch Hocotatian Male Olimar is a Hocotatian who ended up on the planet a long time ago. He really wants to leave, but he can't, as he has fixed his ship with everything except fuel, which you have. König der Pflanzen, OLIMAR
Red The Soulless Angel Red Pikmin Female Red was good friends with Olimar and Wings, before she and Chara tried to escape with Olimar's ship (hence why it was ruined) She survived, but was zombified by a Fire and Flames, SAVE the Planet, Her Tune
Chara The Fallen Hocotatian Female Chara was Olimar's assistant, before (with the help of Red) betraying him and leaving him to die on PNF-404. However, as neither of them can fly a ship, they crash, and Chara dies. N/A

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