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Genretale is a music-based AU where every character is a human that represents a music genre or element. There are no monsters in this AU. The humans live outside the timelines and encourage artists to make soundtracks. They brighten the mood of every AU. The humans can also imitate the sounds of musical instruments perfectly. The humans are mostly around the same age but Harper is slightly younger.

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Most of the characters are humans and they get along well together. They're all wanderers and like to hop to different timelines and universes.

DJ- The leader. He's smart and includes everyone. He's loved by everyone in the AU.

Chirp- A vocalist (Chirp is her nickname). A brilliant singer and one of the earliest members. She's really pleasant.

Otto- Represents the opera genre. He's the 'neat freak' or perfectionist.

Poppy- Represents the pop genre. She's brave and gets along well with Chirp

Rockwell- Represents the rock genre. He's loud and obnoxious

Viola- Represents the classical genre. She gets along well with Otto and is very polite

Disc- Represents the disco genre. His name is of course short for disco. He's fun and happy-go-lucky

Harper- The newest member. He's trying to understand music. He's innocent and immature.

Flute- Flowey counterpart. She's friendly and talks with a high voice. She appears as a silver flower with bright blue eyes


Flute the Flower, once a human, created eight musically talented humans to bring joy and life to every AU. She close DJ as their leader. Each human named themselves based on their own talent, excluding Harper.

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