"Lets have a great time.." - Tahw!Sans


Tahw!Sans an opposite of What!Sans, another mistake in the multiverse, and is from the TahwTale Universe. Tahw!Sans is made by, Cool Dude, MrZephyr128. This AU is the sworn enemy of What!Sans, he was made for to destroy What!Sans, no matter what... They don't eat, sleep, or anything 'fun'. They only want What!Sans dead. Because, What!Sans destroyed Tahw!Sans home... They killed his brother... Everyone one, Alphys found a reason how to stop this monster. It's to do the same thing that Chara did to Sans. But, in this run Frisk was in charge. So, they reacted the incident, that Chara made. Now, they were fused. But, now Sans was in control. Both Frisk, and Sans worked together to defeat What!Sans. (The music does not belong to me.)


Tahw!Sans doesn't have the powers as, Sans. They are like a brawler, they don't teleport, they don't fire bones. They almost, only use Malee weapons, this is the help of his Gaster Blaster hand, which is fused with their hand. The Gaster Blaster hand could switch to any hand if wanted.The Gaster Blaster hand could turn into the following; Sword, Sheild, A Gaster blaster which is %50 better than Classic Sans'es Gaster Blaster, which can make it rapid fire, or one long beam. He can run fast, jump high, have super strength, and, parkour. Tahw!Sans also haves a True form, which is named TAHW!SANS.


After What!Sans killed everyone in his Universe. Tahw!Sans had no 'feelings'. And, he hates What!Sans. He is the hope for everyone in the Multiverse, to destroy him.

He has one other Relationship, which is named, Tahw!Pap, who is from a Parrel Universe, and has the same style as Tahw!Sans and both of his hands are Gaster Blaster.


The original Sans look. He has a blue-frisk color, with two purple vertical lines in the middle. followed by, same colored pants, with brown slippers. He haves red upside down 'tears'.

Link to TahwTale

Fanart Gallery! :D v

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Super COOL fanart! (By Lucariotheskeleton)

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