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THE WINGDING DIARIES is a backstory mini series for the Akintale characters, Sans, Papyrus (Who is a very young baby), Ace and W. D. Gaster. There are only 2 pages in the series so far.

The series is in Akin!Wingdings's art style and told from his perspective. The first few pages take place between Ace arriving in the AU and Sans's jaw being mangled. The series as a whole will end just before W.D. Gaster's fall into the core, with the fall itself not being part of the diaries. Each page is titled as an entry.

Read it here.


The entries will be split up into a few different sections.

Section 1

Contains the first few pages in the diaries and is based around W.D.'s research on Ace and the children's relationship.

Section 2

Contains the pages that follow W.D.'s first major act of violence towards the children (Sans's smile).

Section 3

Contains the pages that follow Sans's second major injury and why Ace gives away part of his SOUL.

Section 4

Contains the pages that follow the children's escape.

To avoid spoilers, this is the only info that will be added until more pages are created.

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