(im sorry, i wasnt trying to make spam, i was just trying to change the title.)

TEmmEh is the main character in Taleunder. since i dont know what else to write here, i guess i'll make the backstory of temmeh.

the reason why temmeh fell into wotland

So, one day in The Republic of Dogeland, Temmeh was bored and wanted to explore outside of Dogeland.

The problem was that the borders of Dogeland where near impossible to get through/over without a passport and other stuff.

But somehow Temmeh was able to get over the border.

Then Temmeh explored a bit and found a small hill with a sign in front of it that said "MT. GUS."

Temmeh wandered around the mountain/hill for a little bit and found a hole in the middle of it.

Because of Temmeh's curiosity, he decided to go into the hole.

And then you get to decide what happens next.

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