"Interesting...' -TAHW!Sans


This is TAHW!Sans true form, who is from the TahwTale Universe. TAHW!Sans is made by the cool dude, MrZephyr128. This is what happens if you kill the only hope in the universe, Tahw!Sans. He is bigger, a more determined creature, that you've somehow killed. This AU Has the same goal as Tahw!Sans, is just that he has a bigger dream now which is to kill the protagonist. (The music does not belong to me.)


TAHW!Sans has the same hope as Tahw!Sans, but they are 95% better. He is quicker, which makes him able to seem like teleporting. The shoulder pads now are similar to a boost, it gives him more DETERMINATION to destroy you. His Gaster Blaster hand is now turned into a staff. The Gaster Blaster Staff can now fire into any type of weapon. For example, it can turn into an RPG, AK-47, etc... It still holds the same powers for Tahw!Sans, like shields, whips, Etc..


The only relationships he haves is Frisk, is in his mind, which is one of Sans only LIVING friends.


He haves the somewhat Sans look. He haves Gaster Blaster shoulder pads, he haves a purple scarf. He haves a Frisk-blue shirt, followed by a vertical red stripe. He haves the same red 'Upside down tears'. He haves purple pants and white slippers. Also, haves 'Block Errors', followed by 'cracks' around his body.

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