Hello, this is CosmoemMoon's first page (aka me) so please don't show hate, if you hate it...then ignore it.

-------- Sync Sans has no AU to begin with, but Sync Sans has a little backstory to him. The release of his appearance came on Deviantart, drawn on a notebook by CORRUPTShaymin (AKA me). As in the description of the drawing, Sync Sans is in a group with two other Sanses. One that is called DJ and another (whom looks like kid flash but a Sans) named Speed.


Sync Sans is a smart, overly excited Sans that likes to drop stinkbombs on people below him. He is being constantly scolded by the Creator for doing such behavior. Thats when the Creator decided to wisen him up a bit to a Ink Sans' behavior level.


This Sans was created in the multiverse. He used to be Haster, an Sans created by InSaNiTYUmbreon from Deviantart (fortunately me and Umbreon have worked it out on Quotev). After a battle with Jaster (Umbreon created Jaster to represent Error and Haster as Ink and his art is currently not featured yet) Haster had somehow absorbed multiple Souls from the AUs they fighted in and became splitted into two things. Haster's weak soul and spirit had dragged Jaster with him into an empty void and never returned. Therefore, his psychical body was lost in Undertale and 4 years after the Monsters had reached the surface his Body has about to be devoured by the collapse of the Underground, meaning that an sinkhole will be at MT. Ebott and the mountain will be just a hill. But Haster's body was still contains a part of Haster's soul, which prevented the mountain to collapse for only 2 years when the body had gone through a metamorphosis for as long as that. After it was done he has no horns and lost the ability to use his skull as a personal gaster blaster. He has no tail, he is just an normal Sans. By the time he woke up from the change, he had a T shirt and sweatpants (and underwear) but the rest of his clothes were gone (scarf, jacket etc) and including the SAVE star necklace he had. He got up and found spare clothes in the shop in Snowdin and he went to the barrier. The barrier was shattered and he managed to make his own clothes from magic. He had no memory whatsoever and he is afraid of entering the surface. Over 5 years, Sync Sans gained the ability to fly, he finally decided to go to the surface. Then living on the surface for a month, he discovered he can teleport to other AUs and met DJ and Speed on his journeys. At first, he protested to have DJ and Speed to accompany him. Then he gave in after the whining begs that were thrown at him.

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