Symbiotes are the species that are the major antagonist in SymbioteTale. They are parasites that can infect hosts by bomfing to them having their bodies, their powers and corrupting their minds forever. Their role in the story is to invade Earth, Undground and other habitat planets. All symbiotes bond to different types of host. Venom bonds to muscular people while Carnage bonds serial killers, but most symbiotes bonded to heroes too taking contro of their minds forever. The symbiote's known weaknesses are sounds, heats, elecricity and finally good memories of heroes and other good hearted characters like Frisk when they bonded to them. Also symbiotes bond to regular babies and teenagers transforming them into bigger monsters. All symbiotes have a liquid and humanoid bodies. They spread negative emotions on hosts like hate, greed, pride, stress, etc. When they are bonded to hosts, their powers become more powerful. So the symbiotes' objectiVe is to bond with their host to become powerful. But Venom and Carnage have new objectives when bonded to their host. Venom's objective: kill his sworn enemy, Spiderman and destroy everything he cares about out of vengeance while Carnage's objective is to kill Spiderman and his father, Venom so he is free to cause chaos and destruction. Symbiotes also have new powers when bonding to hosts that doesn't have these powers like Venom has the ability to nullify Spider-Man's spider sense so his foe can't evade and counter him,to morph into wingsuit to glide through tne air, isolate and purge his host's body, straight up turn invisible, and sprout spikes from stabbing weapons while Carnage's ability is to change his body into different deadly weapons similar to Venom's sprouting spikes. Symbiotes can mimic their hosts' everyday clothing for discertation. Even villains are corrupted by symbiotes to fall under their controls like Chara and Flowey and more evil than them. Symbiotes are stopped by Avengers, and Spider man from their own AU and finished their invasion. Symbiotes were born from planet Klyntar of Armonda Galaxy from the Avengers' AU which they are real named after it.

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