Symbiotetale  is an AU from where all of Humans and Monsters are infected and bonded by alien parasites called the symbiotes that intend to bond and infect and rule Earth Underground and other planets that has life. It was created by Bat Danger. All of the characters are infected by the parasite. There are no survivors of the Symbiote invasion. Symbiotes have taken control and use their host's powers to become powerful. Symbiotes are based on Marvel Comics.

Venom and his son, Carnage are the rulers and leaders of The Symbiote empire. Venom does villainous jobs while Carnage does something more demonic and more satanic. They have successfullay invading all habitat planets. However, Avengers and their known enemy, Spiderman risked their lives to save all of the planets from the Symbiote invasion

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