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A depressed human jumped down into the underground to die but survived. The human changed.
Undyne the Insane-0



Undyne the Insane is a monster that is half dead. She can summon a spear sword. She killed her family and Napstablook.


Sans is the reincarnation of Gaster. He is the most stubborn. He never trusts Ksirf. He can travel through time and make a universe implode with the snap of his fingers.


Papyrus is aware of alternate universes. The last Sans he fought was Error Sans and lost half his soul. Sans put Determination in him. His Eyes are melted. He can only see through one eye. The other one he can see the universes.

Asriel Screemurr

He is the first friend of Arahc. He wears a spike necklace, the heart locket is on fire, and the clothing is torn

Dead or Not

Character Dead
Asriel No
Papyrus Almost
Sans No
Undyne Almost
Asgore Yes
Toriel Yes
Arahc & Ksirf No?
Flowey Soul

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