"This AU is a litteral SWITCH Up. It is called Switched Up, after-all."
– Asgore, name reveal

This AU is an Switch Up AU, where, the characters do swap in pairs (ex. A. Dog and Temmie, Napstablook and Mettaton, Asriel and Chara) like, the Annoying Dog's Undyne and Alphys is Temmie, and, the Annoying Dog's a Temmie, and, Temmie's the Annoying Dog.


Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

Scared of the MONSTER'S ability to absorb HUMAN SOULs, the HUMANS won!

Some MONSTERS, hid. The rest were sealed Underground.

Any HUMANS who are traitors and/or are hiding with MONSTERS, will also be sealed underground.

Many years later . . .



The MONSTERS live under this mountain.

Scared of getting caught, Kyra's family sent her up the mountain.

Now, what'll happen? Who knows.


Main Characters
Original Role AU Theme
Frisk Protagonist/Player Kyra, the Kindness SOUL Long ago...
Chara The Fallen Asgore Bergprinz

Hearts and Rainbows

Flowey The Empty One Clovey the Clover Your Best Clover

Your Worst Clover

A Heartbreaking Finale

But Nobody Arrived...

Toriel Caretaker Napstablook fallen under... oh....


Sans The Judge Frisk frisk.

Once Upon A Lovania

Papyrus The Ambitous Monster Kid Ngah, he, he!

Armless Trousle

Undyne Captain of the Guard Annoying Dog A. Dog


Dog of Justice

Alphys Royal Scientist Temmie TeM laB


Asgore The Monarch Mettaton METTATON

Berg Roboter

Asriel Soulless Angel Toriel A Heartbreaking Memory

Hearts and Rainbows

SAVE All Worlds

Her Tune

Minor Characters
Area Original Role AU Theme
Ruins Dummy Inactive Mad Dummy Dummy..?
Annoying Dog Accidental God Annoying Temmie Temsong
Snowdin Snowman The Trusting Icecap Cap N/A
Glyde Secret Boss Snowdrake Stronger Monsters
MK Idoliser Undyne Sleeveless Hero

In Our Way

Grillby Restaurant Owned Dummy ... what's your order?
Waterfall Mad Dummy/Glad Dummy Enraged Role Glad Dummy/Mad Dummy Happiest Dummy!

Maddest Dummy!

Onion-San The Isolated Bird N/A
Bird Cherised Riverperson There's a Bridge but is riding with them quicker?
River Person Transport Bird N/A
Napstablook Recluse Asriel Goat Fight/His Fight

Memory Tune

Temmie Chaotic Villager A. Dog Dog Village
Bob Competent Villager Toby Dog Village
Tem Shop Keeper The Village Shop A. Dog Shopkeeper Dog Shop
Hotland So Sorry Club Member Vulkin Wrong Lava !?!
Muffet Outrageous Vendor Spider Spider Tilt
The Amalgamates Abominations Bellow Amalgm

Tem Song


Original Role AU Theme
Memeoryhead The Tripled W.D Gaster, Sans, and, Papyrus'


Snowdrake's Mom Melted Mother Icecap's Mom Icey (distorted)
Endogeny The Faceless Entemeny Temsong (distorted)
Reaper Bird Everyman-User Everyman Amalgm
Lemon Bread Echoing Role Lemon Muscle Amalgm
Flowey Followers
Original Role AU Themes
W.D. Gaster Forgotten Scientist Flowey Flowey's Theme

Friendly, Friendly, Yet Friendlier

Gaster Followers The Witnesses Flowey Followers N/A
Goner Kid The Superflous Goner Alphys N/A
The Guard
Original Role AU Theme
Doggo The Blind Temmo Tems Approaching!
Lesser Dog The Pettable Lesser Tem " "
Dogamy and Dogaressa The Unit Pair Temamy and Temaressa " "
Greater Dog The Playful Greater Tem Temsong
01 and 02 The Other Pair Dog 01 and Dog 02 Stronger Monsters
The Canine Unit The Unit The Tem Unit N/A

Other Changes

  • Monsters of the same kind can have other species, but are more likely to not (ex. MTT x Blooky = more likely to be Ghost)
  • MTT and Blooky only had Toriel, Asgore was adopted
  • Chara's SOUL was put in (willingly) into the Boxbot by Temmie
  • Asriel knows Charabot's Chara
  • Instead of a Snow Piece, you get an Hat Piece
  • Frisk talks, and, has a personality, yet, they still say, '...' a lot
  • Monster Kid's a fair of Undyne AKA Undyne Kid, since she fights well
Original Area AU Theme
The Ruins Ruined Waterlands The Ruined Waterlands
Snowdin Ruined Snowlands Icey

Ruined Snow Town

Waterfall Waterlands Waterlands

Dog Village

Hotland The Hotlands An Medium
New Home New Waterlands Switched Up

A Shock


  • I wanted to call it 'Switchtale', but, that sounds dumb!
  • Toriel's hair thing is Clovey with out the face
  • Toriel and Asgore's Sprites are edits of Asriel's
  • The plan of this AU will be in a blog (Toriel and Asgore's Plan)
  • Asgore has a faint shimmer of Rainbow in his SOUL

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