Shadow of the wiki
The Shadow of the Wiki has found a Self-Insert AU. Move it to UTAU-Self-Inserts-Aus Wiki or see it be Sliced.
Switch tale is an AU where all characters are swapped with fan made OCs.

Feel free to replace a character with your OC just don't edit the story when it's added.

This au is a WIP so DO NOT delete.

ANYONE can replace a character unless it's already been replaced.


Main Characters

Frisk (needs to be replaced)

Toriel (needs to be replaced)

Sans (needs to be replaced)

Papyrus (needs to be replaced)

Undyne (needs to be replaced)

Alphys (needs to be replaced)

Mettaton (needs to be replaced)

Asgore (needs to be replaced)

Asriel (needs to be replaced)

Chara (needs to be replaced)


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