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SwappityTale is a swapping AU created by DustyTheGoat.




Character Role Description
Asgore The Protagonist The main protagonist character. Not much is known about him.
Mewmew The Empty One A living flower who may remind you of someone, she acts shy and calm at first, but she eventually snaps and tries to kill you. She is evil and soulless.
Blooky The Caretaker Napstablook (or just Blooky) is the caretaker of the Ruins. He defends you from Mewmew, and is part of the royal family. He also loves making different kinds of pies, which Tori taught him to make.
Monster Kid The Recluse Monster Kid is a young monster child who resides in the Ruins. He was adopted after being found by Napstablook.
flowey. The Judge Flowey is a living flower that lives in Snowdin with Temmie. He doesn't really like humans that much, but he still tries to be your friend.
Da tEMtAstIc tEM! The Ambitious Temmie is a bount hunter-in training, trying to capture you throughout Snowdin. However, unlike Chara, she would never actually hurt anybody on purpose.
Skeleton Kid The Idolizer Papyrus (or just Skeleton Kid) is a young skeleton who admires Chara for what she does, he hangs out with you throughout Waterfall.
Chara The Captain of the Guard Instead of being Captain of the Royal Guard, Chara is actually a vicious, cold-blooded bounty hunter hired by Mettaton to kill you and any other human to pass through the Underground for their SOUL. Even though she wouldn't hesitate to kill someone, she does have a soft side.
Frisk The Royal Scientist Frisk is the Royal Scientist hired by Mettaton. She accidentally created the Amalgamates and Mewmew thanks to determination experiments gone horribly wrong. She also is creator of Asriel's robotic replacements.
Azzyton The Celebrity After a freak accident he doesn't like talking about, he had to get robot replacments for his left ear, left arm and right leg. He is also star of the Underground, with a cooking show, quiz show, game show and a news show.
King Mettaton The Monarch Mettaton is the king of the Underground, his cousin abandoned him after their adopted children died. He doesn't want to fight you, but he is required too. Also, he killed six humans in the past.
Sans The Soulless Angel Sans is a young skeleton with a fondness of anime, he was adopted into the royal family. He was good friends with Toriel before they both died. His dust was scattered onto a bed of flowers, and after a DETERMINATION experiment gone wrong, it came to life as Mewmew.
Tori The Fallen Tori is a young human with a hatred for humanity, she fell into the Underground for... rather depressing reasons. She dies after her plan to get back to the surface to kill every human backfires, killing her and Sans in the process. She possesses you in a Genocide Route.

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