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SwapLust is a combination of Underlust and Underswap, and was created by Neko-Priestess327.

For more info, visit the creator's DeviantArt.


Swaplust sans by small leaf v-das43ni-0


Sans, who is usually called Pokeberry or Sinberry, acts very similarly to Underswap Sans. He is kind, helpful, and energetic. He is very soft spoken and would always treat anyone with respect and kindness. He doesn't really act like everyone else in his Universe, but he tries his best to fit in. Outside he acts like a slut and wears showy clothing so that he can fit in. But in the end he just looks annoying, and because of that he get harassed both physically and mentally. But despite of those treatments he never fails to smile everyday.

Swaplust papyrus wip by neko priestess327-da5sriw.png


Papyrus is a very calm and mature. He won't go and sexually seduce someone out of the blue. He is often mistaken as "the guy who doesn't get fazed by sexual interactions" but in reality he has a lot of perverted thoughts in that mind of his. He also hides a lot of "toys" if you know what I mean. And of course when it comes to his brother, he'd do everything for him. And if someone hurts him... you'll know for sure someone is going to get "tortured".


Chara is a kind teenage human who somehow ended up falling into the world of slutty monsters. She is very determined to help the monsters though. Even tho she really isn't comfortable there.


He is a very shy robot and wants people to enjoy his music. He is a DJ of a strip club. Sometimes he also host shows but those never go too well since he gets incredibly quiet and just couldn't talk in front of people. But what breaks his shy personality is seeing sexual things. He just can't stand it. He already got beat up several times because of speaking up and saying that everyone was disgusting. Because he is usually the DJ of a strip club that Undyne made for him, he always sees those sexual acts. And every single time his nerves snap at that. And now no one even ever comes there anymore, making it deserted.


Muffet owns her own maid cafe. Muffet entertains her customers by doing something sexual while serving customers or just slowly stripping naked.