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Swap acts as the companion to S.T, but is also the girlfriend to S.T. She is actually someone else who lost her memories and had their SOUL put into an AU version of S.T once the original SOUL in the body was destroyed.

Later she was raped by Infected when Infected and Error404 fought her and S.T, changing her personality.


Swap is secretly a main character in the Origins of S.T series, known as Elizabeth, who was once human. Now she has no memories of this.


She wears orange shorts, a blue t-shirt, and a black beanie. Her body is the same as S.T's except that her left eye's pupil is a small pink heart. She can only recall normal resets and cannot hack the universe.She often carries notebook paper.


She is usually in a good mood and doesn't hate very many people. She has no feelings for Create, but would help him if S.T ever got him into some trouble. When she gets angry she will use her "Red Attack".

After Infected

After what happened with Infected, she developed a stutter and is now more quiet and sad when around people. She doesn't get much sleep and hasn't told S.T it even happened.


Red Attack

Her "Red Attack" is a form of magic. She can summon it at any time. It can take the form of anything that's the same size or smaller than her. This attack cannot be long range and must stay in her hand when used. It is instant-kill making her kind of dangerous. Although she has this power, True!Swap does not.



Swap is S.T´s assistant or so it seems to most.She and S.T have a different relationship in private.


Swap has some suspicions about S.K.


She has no known feelings for him.


In her opinion he does not seem very evil.


She hates him and he hates her.


She is scared of him but wants revenge.


She wants nothing to do with him.


  • Physical and Magical harm does damage to her normally.

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