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Warning Language


In this AU Sans and his gang of gaster blasters are the elite gang in the Underground and they are in a secret group as well. This is why you might not find them until the very end of the game. Here in this AU, everyone is based not on LV, but Coolness. Depending on how much Coolness you have, the more people will respect you; the more people that respect you, the more people will want to fight you.


Swag!Sans appears to be wearing a unique jacket with his hood on and a hat on the inside, he also wears gloves and a chain necklace with a blue bone and determination star as well. He also seems to sag his pants and wears some Jordans, one untied and one tied.


Swag!Sans acts 10x worse than Fresh!Sans. He curses in about every sentence, he doesn't have a problem disobeying the laws, he loves slapping Toriel's, Undyne's, and Alphys's asses, he loves Toriel and Undyne the most and he also calls them his side bi**es, and he works for Asgore as his main man. Finally, he loves touching the human's chest to try to determine if the player is a female or male.


Gangsta Blasters

These gaster blaster shoot out pure song lyrics, that cause 20 points of damage per note.

Bone Attack

Standard Attack

Thug Attack

Sans sends out his group of thugs to punch the sh*t out of you. Each punch does 5 points of Damage.

Triva/Fun Facts

  • Swag!Sans cursed out Fresh!Sans for not being cool.
  • Swag!Sans has fought and won a fight against Underfell Sans.
  • Swag!Sans once slapped Reapertale Toriel's ass and lived to tell about it.
  • Swag!Sans walked up to UnderFell Alphys and kissed her because he thought she looked hot.
  • Swag!Sans has insulted Papyrus of Underswap and slapped BlueBerry Sans so hard his gloves came off.
  • Swag!Sans doesn't have a soul, but most rumors say he holds his soul under his hat which he never takes off.
  • Swag!Sans accidentally cracked his soul during a fight with Underfell Papryus which is why he supposedly has his soul under his hat.

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