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No, this is not a pokemon sun and moon crossover, this is a rip-off.
SunMoonTale Is an AU made by Corly, currently it's a CNAS-Tale and CrewTale rip-off.

Short text desc.

In this AU Cor Preta and her friends (Yes, finally my OCs are gonna be canon to an AU, no not connected to Selena and Sheena's Story) go and explore the multiverse.


Core Preta

Core Or known as Cor Preta is an purple black haired hedgehog, twin sister of Blue-Erry and Half Sister of Sheena violet blue and Selena midnight.

Coral Ice

Coral is an light blue pink haired Hedgehog, Core and Blue-Erry's Best friend. She's also the best friend of Emily.

Anqua Rancoon

Minor antagonist before Sarah but Currently reformed, she was an Minor Antagonist until Coral reformed her.

Selena Midnight

Main antagonist After Emily, she is Twin Sister of Sheena Violet Blue and Half Sister of Blue-Erry and Cor.

Blue-Erry Preta

Purple black haired and purple tinted Hedgehog, Cor's twin sister and half sister of Sheena and Selena.


An Purple Mangeta-ish Hedgehog, she was the main antagonist before Selena, but now she's dead. Coral's best friend.


An elite shadow mobian, Selena's half and Semi-minor antagonist after Anqua Rancoon.

Sheena Violet Blue

Selena's Twin Sister and Half sister of Blue-Erry and Cor, she is a recurring Character.

Cherry Cat

An Minor Character, currently he only makes cameos since he is the only male here for now.

Corly (SunMoonTale Version)

(C'MERE AT ME, JUDGE ME) The only one who is aware of this AU being just for out-codes



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