This will be a sequel to Endertale were frisk is now 16 with asriel and astelll is 6 it will start in the summer holidays I will tell its gonna be really fun.

It will come as blogs post in the 1 week.


Shes pretty tall now and she doesn't wear a scarf or jacket she wears a shirt the the Delta rune symbol on it and grey on her shoulders she has black shorts and brown sandals.


He wears a blue Hawaiian shirt black shorts. and he sometimes wears some sunglasses.

Sans also owns an RV.


hes still his old look but no scarf and boots.


Ges the same has frisk but his shirt is green and he has no shoes.


She wears a purple vest with a white bunny on it and has grey shorts.


same as he was before but only Astell can see him.


She wears a long purple dress and a straw hat.


He wears a pink Hawaiian shirt grey shorts and yellow sandals.

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