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Suetale is an AU where everyone is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu, but it's all the same except this AU sucks. It was once a normal AU, but it was affected by the Stu Virus Event.

Reason for...this

It was once normal Undertale. However, a new virus had soon broke out. This turned everyone into a Sue/Stu. The humans fought the monsters into the Underground. If not for the Virus, the monsters and humans would've lived peacefully on the surface together.

Stu Virus

The Stu Virus is a virus that makes characters egotistical, self-centered, overpowered piles of steaming trash. In other words, it turns them into Sues/Stus. There are only two known ways to kill them: acquire a weapon strong enough to kill them or find the cure and them let them suffer. The cure for the virus is unknown.



Frisk falls into the Underground, they save monsters, but at the end, they are the same as their original counterparts, only different in appearance. Asriel Dreemurr has to do with this.


Exactly the same.


YOU DIE BECAUSE ALL THE MONSTERS TEAM U- I'm just kidding, it's exactly the same except Flowey won't stalk you and you don't kill him at the end and Asgore has a fight.



A bloodthirsty demon who came from a not-stupid timeline. They want to kill all of the monsters there, but can't because, well, they're dead.


They were immune to the Stu Virus once. They were normal, but soon died when they found out that they were becoming a Stu, slowly but surely.


They are a crybaby, and never use any powers. They try to kill you, but after a while they see that you aren't a Stu/Sue and they leave you alone. They fight you in the Neutral Run because they think that you gained "too much power over the others."


Frisk is a very skilled child, working to change the Underground for the better and banish the Stu Virus forever.


They are affected by the Stu Virus, but managed to keep herself in line. Her colors actually go together, and she isn't an egotistical, spoiled brat like a lot of the rest of the monsters.


He was the most affected by the Virus. To sum it all up, he's a jerk, and has no problem killing humans. He has tried to be overthrown a couple of times, but all attempts failed.


She is the head of the Royal Guard. She often tried to overthrow the King, but failed. She doesn't try anymore, because that's how she got her eyepatch.


She was the one who created the Stu Virus on accident. She often never does anything except for cry in a corner.


He's still his sweet self, but he can use his glowing eye, and does.


He's actually a bigger jerk than Jerry.


He doesn't want to be the star anymore. He often does Alphys' work for her.


He is a star music remixer of the Underground.


She collects money to find a cure for the Virus. She does this by making spider and ant pastries.


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