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"I'm Chara, the demon that comes when you moan my name..."
- Succubus!Chara
Succubus!Chara was created by the Tumblr user digeridoodler. In this AU, Chara is a succubus, which is a sex-obsessed female demon that tries to seduce people while they are asleep. She is older than the original Chara. This version of Chara has the ability to travel to different AUs (And normally has sex with the characters there). Her origin is currently unknown, Although some think that she may come from a different timeline or version of Underlust. Nothing is canon yet.



Succubus Chara appears to be a much older version of the original Chara, as she is taller and has a much more mature body. She has red eyes, which glow, and a heart shape will appear in them when having sex (or when she gets exited). She wears a tight, black leather tank top and tight black leather shorts. She also wears long, black, leather boots. She wears a black collar around her neck. She has black bat-like wings. She has a long, black tail with a heart shape at the end of it. This tail is one of her sexual organs. She also has vampire like-fangs. Sometimes she has black devil horns on her head.


Succabus!Chara is a NSFW version of Chara.

She is usually very sexual, lustful and flirty. And she's also really kinky.

She appears to be chaotic neutral at best, with no actual affliction for good or evil.

Powers and Abilities

This version of Chara's powers and abilities are merely speculation. But we do know that she does have the ability to travel to different AUs at will.


Succubus!Frisk: Succubus!Frisk is know as her "Partner in crime", She basically teamed up with Succubus!Frisk, And they sometimes do they're job as succubus together. Despite being a Succubus, Frisk seems to hate her job.

Asriel: Sussubus!Chara is often shipped with Asriel. Note that this version of Asriel is not the Undertale version of him, But he is presumed to be a version of him from a different au or timeline. She also sometimes appears to have a love interest for him.

Frisk: Like Asriel, Succubus!Chara is often shipped with Frisk. Also like Asriel, This frisk is not the Undertale Frisk, but is thought to be a Frisk from a different au or timeline.


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