"Stronger Than You" is a song from the Steven Universe episode, "Jail Break". It was written by gymleadercheren and sung by djsmell. Sans sings it while he fights against Frisk on the Genocide Route after they killed everyone in the Underground. There are also three response parodies.


"Stronger Than You" was originally written by Rebecca Sugar and sung by the character Garnet (Estelle) from the animated television show Steven Universe. As the climax of the season finale, the song has inspired fans to create remixes, instrumentals, covers, and fan art based on it. The lyrics of the song are also well-known enough to be used in humorous text posts.

The song can be heard in the 49th episode of Steven Universe titled Jail Break, the final episode of the first season released on March 12, 2015.

The song was uploaded to SoundCloud by user aivi & surasshu on March 14, 2015 -- just two days after the release of the episode Jail Break -- and was able to amass over a million views and 15,000 likes in a span of 21 days. Various visual and audio deviations of the song can be found in tumblr under the tag ‘stronger than you’. The search results on DeviantArt yields a surprisingly large 45,745 results with the majority referencing to Garnet, Ruby, and Sapphire. Gymleadercheren then made a Sans parody comic, and Undertale 'Stronger Than You' was born.




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