Warning! Stranger Things Spoilers!


Stranger Tales(Or StrangerTale), Is an AU created by Fandom user TheGreatGavin101. It takes characters from the popular TV show Stranger Things and puts them in Undertale Roles.


  • Flowey is replaced with the Demogorgon.
  • Will is Frisk
  • Joyce is Toriel
  • Barb is Nabstoblook
  • Mike is Sans
  • Lucas is Papyrus
  • Nancy is Undyne
  • Holly Wheeler is Monster Kid
  • James is Dummy
  • Alphys is Dustin
  • Mettaton is Steve
  • Lonnie is Asgore
  • Eleven is Asriel
  • Troy is Chara
  • Dr. Brenner is Gaster

Main Story Changes

  • The Underground is the Upside Down


If you want to use this AU in any format, please message me...

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