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StrangeChange is another swapping AU created by GoldenDust66.


Long ago, two races ruled over the Earth. HUMANS and MONSTERS. One day, war broke between the two races. The humans won, and sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell. However, a human was sealed with the monsters, and was adopted by the king and queen.



Asriel takes the Player/Protagonist Role. He is actually a human.


Chara (or Chara the Character) takes the Empty One Role. Instead of a deseased human, she is actually a posessed ventriloquist dummy that Frisk made. Why is Frisk into ventriloquism? I don't even know.


Temmie takes the Caretaker Role. She lives in the Ruined Village, and cares for the Echo Flowers there.


Toriel takes the Recluse Role. She  is seen in the Ruined Village, and Temmie may not even be aware that she's there. She actually lives in Watercore.


Mettacrit (Mettaton as a ghost, for those who don't know) takes the Judge Role. He lives in Snowdin with his good friend, Undyne.


Undyne takes the Ambitious Role. She strives to join the Royal Guard, and is good friends with Sans.


Alphys takes the Idolizer Role. She strives to see her idol, Sans, in battle.


Sans takes the Captain of the Guard Role. He keeps his original stats of 1HP, 1ATK, 1DEF, and he still dodges attacks, but he is captain of the Royal Guard. Also, in a Genocide Route, he turns into Sans the Still-Standing.


Papyrus takes the Royal Scientist Role. He is the creator of Asgore's robotic body, and the creator of the Amalgamates in the Freezing True Lab.


Asgore takes the Celebrity Role. After actidentally falling in the lava of Hotland, he was saved and fixed by Papyrus. Hence, now Asgore actually owes Papyrus his life.


Flowey takes the Monarch Role. He is king of the Underground.


Frisk is a human that was sealed Underground by accident, and was raised by Flowey and Temmie. She takes the Soulless Angel Role. She was also into ventriloquism, for some reason.

Monster Kid

Monster Kid (or M.Kid) takes the Fallen Role. Much like Asriel, he is a human.


The Ruins - The Ruined Village

Snowdin - Watrloggd

Waterfall - Watercore

Hotland - Hotland

True Lab - Freezing True Lab

New Home - New Home


Original Track New Track
Your Best Friend Greetings!
Ghost Fight Goat Fight
Heartache Temmiache
sans. metta.
Bonetrousle Speartasion
Spear of Justice Blasters of Justice
Battle Against a True Hero Song That Will Play When You Combat Sans the Still-Standing
Alphys Papyrus
Metal Crusher Steel Goat
Death by Glamour Trident of Your Demise!
The Power of 'NEO' Bring It On!
MEGALOVANIA INMYLOWAY or METALOCHRUSHER depending on if you're MegaloChara or MegaloSans

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