Storywarp is similar to other AUs, such as Underswap, Storyshift and FableTwister. The roles of characters are mixed up. Frisk, however, is still the protagonist.

  • Mettaton takes Flowey's role. He sends "friendliness glitter", which is actually harmful bullets.
  • Undyne is the caretaker of the RUINS.
  • Chara hangs out in the Ruins sometimes. It is unknown if Undyne notices they're in there.
  • Chara also wears a sheet.
  • Bratty is the laid-back best friend of Catty. In her fight she uses MuffetBlasters
  • Catty just wants to capture a human so she can join the Royal Guard.
  • All the Canine Unit is mixed.
    • Dogamy is blind. He appears to be "smoking" dog treats, like Doggo.
    • Doggo takes the role of Lesser Dog. Pet them until their neck becomes long.
    • Lesser Dog and Greater Dog takes the roles of Dogamy and Dogaressa. They are the 2nd place nose nuzzle champions.
    • Dogaressa just wants to be played with, similar to Greater Dog.
  • Sans will pursue the protagonist throughout Waterfall, he turns into "Sans the Sansational" during a Genocide Route.
  • Papyrus is the Royal Scientist, and the creator of Asriel.
  • Asriel is the star of the Underground.
  • Shyren was a good friend of Aaron before she died. Papyrus was able to bring her back as an android.
  • Aaron has a strong hatred for humanity and monsterkind, and possesses the protagonist at the end of a Genocide Route.
  • Alphys is the ruler of the Underground and the ex-wife of Undyne.
  • Gaster runs a sale in Hotland. He becomes very angry if the protagonist does not purchase from it, even though purchasing an item is 9999 gold.
    • Instead of spiders, there's Gaster's Followers.
      • Canonically, Mae is the role of Muffet, and Gaster does not exist.
  • Muffet was the Royal Scientist before Papyrus, as well at the creator of the CORE. She fell into the CORE and was shattered across space and time.
    • Alternatively, Mae replaces Muffet.
  • Temmie sells Temmie Flakes in various places.
  • Burgerpants and Nice Cream Guy sell Junk food near the ASL Resort.
  • Napstablook is an employee at the ASL Resort.
  • Similar to Underswap, Flowey runs a secret shop. You can pay for his college education, and he will allow you to buy "Flowey Armour".
  • Toriel owns a diner in Snowdin, where she sells Snail and Butterscotch Cinnamon pie.
  • Asgore transports the protagonist place to place on a boat.
  • Grillby wants to see his hero, Sans, in action.

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