Storyswirl is an AU about what would happen if you took everything in Undertale and threw it in a blender. All the characters, locations, etc. are messed up and you (the player) have no idea what is going on at all.
— Original summary
Storyswirl is an AU messing up every aspect of Undertale.


It all starts when the human climbs the mountain and the earth crumbles beneath them, causing them to fall through it.

They then crash right into the New Home where they catch Sans cosplaying as a Flower from a new critically acclaimed indie video game he just played. He then introduces them to the Underground, and tells them to get in front of his "Flower Blasters" to get "purified".

The human realizes he is holding up a tablet of some sort where a wiki page is open.

Then Alphys comes crashing through the door with her mighty strength and tells Sans to "STOP!!!" really loudly. Alphys apologizes and thus the story of Storyswirl begins.


A BIG fan of this new indie game that just came out, where he cosplays as a flower character. He pretends to know everything about it, but in reality, he just looks up the wiki page for it.

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